[P3D] Upgraded Airbus A220-300 for Prepar3D v4


- Based on latest Virtualcol version (fixed one engine fuel consuption)

- Added windshield animated rain effects.

- Added fully functional weather radar (now the "WX" button works, right click 
on "MODE" to turn it on).

- Added a control panel to set the aircraft in a PROPER dark and cold state 
(Menu -> Vehicle -> Instruemnt Panels -> Control Panel).

- Fixed crappy flight displays animations (now they gently fade in).

- Added PROPER doors controls, in "SYN" page of FMC, "INFO" sub-page.

- Upgraded and fixed all sounds.

- Upgraded and improved all the lights systems, check overhead panel for new 
switches (now you can turn on-off passengers' cabin lights separately. 
Added PROPER floor lights).

- Fixed hundreds of system dynamics (ie. now engines startup makes sense).

- Improved overall exterior graphics and lighting.

- Literally thousands additional fixes and upgrades.



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