[P3D] Lockheed Martin - Prepar3D Academic v3.0.10.14945

9.82 GiB (10544061138 Bytes)
For those who are interested in the Academic version of Prepar3D v3.0
 (Full Install).

The Academic version is the "Only" Prepar3D version that is planned
 on supporting the PMDG Product(s) at the moment

they (PMDG) specifically stated that PMDG products currently only 
licensed for personal use/Students version of P3D and have not yet 
reached an agreement with their partners, licensing their products 
to the professional market (Pro & Pro-Plus versions of Prepar3D)

there are other vendors that will follow PMDG's footstep that
 will license their product for Personal learning/Students
 and not for the Professional version/market. hemce those products might
 be limited only to work on the Academic version of Prepar3D.

Those vendors who are planning on releasing "two" versions
 of their product, one for personal use and the other for the professional 
market, hefty price is expected on the version that will 
work on the Pro/Pro-plus. by installing the Pro version
 you are potentially limiting yourself to the more expensive 
License/cost of 3rd party tools. The Academic version on the other hand,
 all 3rd party addons will be much cheaper and yet with the 
same exact functionality.

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